STD Symptoms Quiz

About 20 different infections are known to be transmitted through sexual contact. Before we begin make sure to take the STD symptoms quiz if necessary.

More About STD’s

STD-related stigma may be an important barrier to prevention and care. Furthermore, there remains a great deal of misunderstanding about transmission and even what constitutes an STD. The infographic from PhysicianOne Urgent Care covers the most common STDs with the latest statistics, myths, and facts that stress the importance of getting tested.

According to a November 2015 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the incidence of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis increased in the U.S. for the first time since 2006. Left untreated, STDs can lead to serious health issues including infertility, cervical and other genital cancers, paralysis, liver failure, and death. Bacterial STDs are curable while viral STDS are not; however, the majority of STDs are highly manageable with early detection and treatment.


STD Centers
There are centers all over that do std testing so finding one shouldn’t be difficult. Getting testing for a sexually transmitted disease is a good and necessary thing to do especially if you have a new partner or multiple partners. You never know what might be out there. Having an STD could really be a bad thing for you in the long run because some can cause damage to your organs and some could actually kill you. So, even if you think it’s impossible to have an STD it’s still wise to get tested.

A lot of people don’t like to get checked because if they have it, they think that people will spread the word that they have one. This isn’t true. Those who administer the testing are extremely professional. They will only disclose this information to those who have to know. Your confidentiality is important. So, if this is stopping you from getting tested, then it shouldn’t be a reason.

It’s pretty simple to have this done. What they will do is they will remove cells from a woman’s vaginal area. This is called a Pap test and it is recommended starting at age twenty five. This is just one of the best ways to find any sort of STD.

For men, it’s a bit different. The way they check for sexually transmitted diseases for men is usually by drawing blood. For men though, unless they are active with men, there are no guidelines as to when you should have tests done. It’s interesting since women have the guidelines that before age twenty five, they should be checking for any sexually transmitted disease.

Both women and men can check for certain STDs with a blood sample. Some diseases like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea simply require a urine sample. Some clinics offer at-home testing kits for urine tests, but usually don’t offer one for blood tests.

You should have testing done if you notice signs that could indicate that you have an infection. You might not know what some of those signs are and some diseases don’t produce any symptoms for a while. If you are wondering what they are here are a few symptoms to watch out for. Some symptoms are: genital sores, unusual discharge from private areas, or abdominal pain with the discharge. These are just some common symptoms, but there are more.

So as you can see, STD testing is important. While men are told that they should test only if they are sexually active with other men, don’t let that stop you. You really should get tested regardless of who you are sexually active with. If you don’t do it for yourself, then do it for your partner or partners.