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Health Benefits of Waxing

Here’s why you should be waxing your skin

Hair removing is an import part of beauty, women use different techniques to remove facial hair, abdomen hair, under arms, under chin hair, upper lips and legs. It is the desire of every woman that once she removed face hair, then they never come back but each technique of facial hair removing have its own pros and cons. Today we will see how to permanently remove face hair and some home remedies to remove face hair permanently.

Waxing for Removing Face Hair:

In waxing, you apply the wax on face skin and then cover with a cloth strip. When wax is completely dry, then the cloth is quickly pulled off so that hair can be come out with the cloth. Waxing is best for removing facial hair for a long time or in other words waxing is a technique to remove face hair permanently. Waxing an area of the body regularly reduces the growth of hair and in this way you can get rid of face hair permanently. Normally hairs regrow after waxing 4 to 6 weeks, which is a much better than shaving and tweezing. You can remove face hair permanently using the waxing, hair from bikini area, legs, under arms and abdomen can also be removed using waxing.

Waxing is best home remedy for permanently remove face hair and unwanted hair from any part of the body.

Shaving Facial Hair:

To shave the hair, women use the razor and sometime electric shavers which let them cut extra hairs. Shaving is not good for facial hair of women or never recommend to women because there are chances that when the hair will regrow they will be thicker and harder. So try to avoid shaving face for removing unwanted hair, but you can do shaving to remove hair from the body. Use shaving cream, soap or just wet the skin before doing the shaving. The Drawback of shaving for face hair is that they will regrow within 3 to 4 days so no benefit of shaving face hair. To permanently remove face hair we will recommend the tweezing and waxing.

 1. Exfoliating: Waxing has an exfoliating effect on skin which is why you might notice smoother, softer skin after a waxing session. As soon as wax is applied to the skin, it starts drying up which makes dead skin stick to it. When the waxing strip is pulled, the dead skin too comes off. Easy peasy! Try exfoliating before a waxing session and load up on moisturizer after one for silky smooth skin.
2. Slower re-growth: Unlike in shaving where the hair is merely cut off where it starts growing out of the skin, hair is pulled out of the root while waxing. This means the hair follicle will have to reproduce a new hair. This takes slows down the process of re-growth considerably cutting down the number of times you need to remove hair.
3. Thinner re-growth: Sometimes the hair follicle might completely stop growing a new hair after waxing. Thus you will notice finer regrowth and lesser hair than you used to have.
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