Cause Of Allergies

Causes Of Allergies

We look at what causes allergies and reference for a full overview of what the main causes of allergies are.

There are three things causing your allergies:

#1 Your Liver is overproducing histamines because it has too many toxins

#2 Your thyroid is low, and that sets the rate of the liver

#3 Your adrenal glands and lungs are weak (that was no surprise to me but until then I didn’t know what to do)

This made total sense because:

I knew about “anti-histamines” because I had taken them to stop allergic responses

One of my symptoms – hard to wake up in the morning – matched the low thyroid symptoms.

My inhaler at the time was epinephrine – an adrenaline-like substance

Within 3 months of being treated with herbs he gave me to detox my liver, and herbs/nutrients to build my lungs and support my adrenal and thyroid, I was allergy and asthma free. That was 30 years ago, and I have been allergy/asthma free ever since.

(I’ll say this to keep myself out of jail- take your medication until your doctor tells you otherwise, and/or if you decide to find a natural cure as I did. Be advised that you’ll meet a lot of resistance from Doctors and even many asthmatics who believe natural cures are impossible. Sad, but true.)

Here’s The Picture:

The Liver has to process toxins and when it can’t do it’s job it stores them. If it stores them it also produces additional histamines to protect itself. If an allergen is present the brain sends a message ;”Send out a few histamines! I think there’s an invader!!” and the Liver proceeds it releases too many, and you have the allergic response – hives, asthma, sneezing, etc..

Cleanse the Liver and maybe, like me, you’ll become allergy and asthma free.

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