Doctors Ratings

Doctors Ratings

Reputation Management for Doctors – The Right Way

The Secret Reputation Management System That Works 100% of the Time as seen on doctor ratings.

  1. Embrace Feedback
  2. Improve Your Practice
  3. Dominate

When it comes to reputation management for doctors, review sites like Yelp and Google have a ton of upside IF you’re willing to invest in using it to your advantage.

When used properly, review sites will help market and grow your business… for FREE. Yep free – you don’t even have to pay for advertising.

Review sites were created to help consumers choose the best doctors, dentists, and other business professionals in their local area. Thanks to these sites, if you’re truly the best doctor in your local area then you’re going to have a lot of new patients calling your office. That’s a fact.

The question is, how do you become the best doctor in your local area?

Online, the “best doctor” is the one with the MOST 5 Star reviews from real, happy patients.

As long as there have been doctors, the #1 driver of new patients for any medical practice is referrals from other happy patients. Well, in the past few years, review sites have become just as powerful as personal referrals. This was proven in doctor ratings


Bribing for Happiness

Another unnatural attempt to boost positive reviews is to bribe patients into leaving a good review.Reputation management for doctors shouldn’t include bribing patients.

Bribes usually include free or discounted treatments and procedures. These reviews never result in good-quality reviews because the patient isn’t sharing their experience because it was “great”, they’re writing anything positive so they can get their free gift, resulting in boring reviews that aren’t genuine.

Great Reviews from Fake Patients

Medical practices that get truly desperate eventually consider creating fake reviews. Basically, you hire a company to post 5 star reviews that don’t come from real patients. Some doctors do it themselves or have their assistants or office managers do it for them.

Have you considered creating fake reviews for your practice? In addition to it being completely unethical (minor details), you should know that New York’s attorney general cracked down on business’s trying to cheat the system. Do you have a spare $350,000. No? Then don’t create fake reviews.