About IDR

Welcome to the Infectious Disease Research Department of Southern Research Institute. 

Southern Research Institute’s Infectious Disease Research Department  provides a wide range of research services that include anti-infective drug and vaccine discovery, preclinical drug development, and basic research initiatives in microbiology, virology, molecular virology, viral immunology, flow cytometry and tissue culture.

Our primary focus is to quickly and efficiently provide drug development services that address all of the suggestions required by the Food and Drug Administration for preclinical drug and vaccine development.

Our multidisciplinary approach to microbiology research allows the rapid development of technologically current and novel assays that are required to solve the research problems of your drug development program. A summary of our capabilities in each of these areas is provided. 

Please take a minute to browse through our different Research Programs to see how we may help accelerate your research efforts.

"We specialize in finding solutions to your drug development problems"